Sun & Moon (1)
Cats Eye Pink Glass Breast Cancer (18)
Rockstar Wire Wrapped (3)
Silver Iris & Black Glass Musical (67)
Wire Wrapped Druzy Agate Hoops (1)
Peace Multi Color Friendship Bracelets
Light Green Aventurine Chip Ruby Zoisite (11)
Water Color Pink Glass (7)
Amethyst Purple Glass Silver Hand (5)
Rockstar Gray Glamour (3)
Black Faceted Glass Hematite Square & Diamond (8)
Ruby Zoisite Purple Jasper (6)
Wire Wrapped Blue Calcite Stone Hoops (1) & Wire Wrapped Yellow Citrine Stone Hoops (1)


I am dedicated to inspiring the uninspired, to the movement of meanings and the perpetuation of love all over the world through my unique and colorful creations, here at Knots By Luna. I fully believe in freedom of expression and allowing my creativity to flow through my crafted jewelry. I operate as a small family dedicated to passion and am committed to ensuring your satisfaction. I create original and custom handmade earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and other unique jewelry. Before shipping, all of my products are cleansed with sage and super charged under the luminous glow of the Full Moon with the intention of protecting against negative energies. Have something special in mind? I would LOVE to hear it! I make custom pieces of jewelry and take special request orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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Luna's Pick Of The Month

African Opal Jasper Frosted Glass Disks (3) - Earrings : French Hook Dangles

Be Luminous...

Half Full Moon